Katinka's Play Pen

Hey, I'm Katinka and I'm like kind of a big deal!

Kevin is the best husband. Ever.
We figured we couldn't let Katinka rule the apartment while we are at school and other places so we had to find a place for her own! So Kevin got some wood and we headed off to Lowe's. So many freaking nails and screws there. Any who, we found some paint primer (new lingo for me) and some green paint, hinges (for the door), and some other parts that I don't know what they are called!
Kevin became a carpenter that night. He moved outside on the patio and sawed away and painted and whatnot.
Now it is done! I love it. It was way cheaper than plastic baby/kid boundaries or guards and it looks way better. Plus Katinka looks super cute in it. 
Katinka in her play pen.

Here is the view we see of Katinka. One time she somehow jumped over this because she was at my feet all of a sudden wagging her tail ready to play. Not good, but I was actually quite impressed.

The End.

1 comment:

  1. Shut up!! I'm kinda proud of kevin :)

    haha...I can't believe she jumped over...let's hope that was just a fluke, or Kevin's going to be heading back to Lowes!

    what a cute cute puppy!