Japanese Chin - Kita!

How my family got Kita
Hunter said he likes Kita because she is cute, sweet, cuddly, has a smushed in nose, and is funny looking. He likes how her forehead pops out.
So I was visiting my family in FoCo, CO and looking at the pet store and pound and humane society and everything looking for my Katinkas. Then all of a sudden my mom falls in love with a little Japanese Chin puppy! (This is partly due to the fact that my dad served his mission in Tokyo, Japan). She was a little fluffy soft puppy. The guy at the pet store, Pet City, said that Japanese Chins are ranked in the top 5 for best personality. That won my mom over. So after 2 days of debating back and forth and putting Kita on hold many times, we got her right before the store closed on Friday night! That was such a long process and we stayed at the mall 20 hours in those 2 days trying to decide! Haha.
Kita in moms purse at Pet City. By the way I want to steal this purse.

Hunter said he would diiieeee if they didn't get Kita! He is hilarious with her. She is an awesome dog for putting up with his roughness and flinging her around and such. She doesn't care at all!

Kita is now in training classes and doing well at going potty outside! Good girl.
PS. Kita's name is short for Kitasenju, Japan. Kitasenju is the first place my dad served on his mission in Tokyo! Keeetahhhhh!!!

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