George Strait

So Kevin is in love with George Strait. He loves his music and supposedly he has over 50 Top #1 hits on the charts. We got the privilege to see him in concert thanks to his parents, Greg & Kathy Sloan :) It was our Christmas present! Kevin shed a few tears during "Amarillo by Morning." It was amazing. Here are some pictures, which tell more than a thousand words...
Kevin's attire- Cut-off frayed shorts + wife beater= White Trash.
Before we took off to the USANA Amphitheator in SLC. George & Me.
George & Kevin.
At the end of the concert :) Sad it was over...

1 comment:

  1. my brother the exhibitionist! :)

    You are so kind to go in public with him. Our family will be forever grateful! :)

    meanwhile...you looked so cute!

    George really is the BEST. Classic. and genuine.

    (but I have to chuckle that kev shed a tear at amarillo by morning!)