Harry Potter & More

So Emily was not at ASU, yay and we got to hangout a lot with our puppies!
We totally just saw My Sister's Keeper and it was the saddest movie ever. :(
Pretending I'm Prego. I'm not.
Tinka in her puppy purse. Once she pooped in it at Walmart. WOW.Saying goodbyes to Tinka before the Harry Potter premiere at 12:04 with Em!
So of course we were stoked for the new Harry Potter movie and got some treats and drinks and snuck em in. But there were so many weird people!!
 This may have been our last HP premiere just because:
1) you are super tired and
2) there are really annoying weird people who think they are so cool.
Any who, it was good and I want to see it again! So someday I'll make Kevin watch it.

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