Don't Give Plasma.

So earlier this summer Kevin decided he was going to golf A LOT. He thought if he gave plasma 2 times a week for 20-25ish bucks he could golf like crazy. So he went to the supposedly best plasma place (thanks Michael Bowen haha jk) and gave some plasma. He didn't know what it felt like and didn't say anything although his arm was feeling weird when they were putting the blood back in. (The plasma people take your blood and spin it fast in some machine and take the plasma and then put the blood back into you. Sweet science lesson.)
Anyways, his arm swelled up like a golf ball (with blood) because they missed the vein/artery or whatever.

Decide if you want to give or not haha. This pic was taken over a week after they put the blood right into his muscle/arm/skin.
GOOD thing it was not his pitching arm! Luckily it was his left arm but still. He couldn't straighten his arm for like a week and then it bruised up real bad. Like the worst bruise ever! It hurt for weeks, and it still feels a little tense sometimes.
Good thing I am anemic and can't give blood or plasma! :)

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  1. Ok I just randomly found this post, and holy sh*t!! WoW. I've never given blood because I'm certain I would pass out and I also don't meet the weight requirement lol
    But when I've had to get blood work done, that was bad. I don't mind it when they're doing it (I could hear the nurse popping out vile after vile of blood, that was a little weird) but it's after it's done I freak out. 2 years ago, the nurse did it, and let me stay in the room for a bit because I told her I faint, and she had told me to hold a piece of gauze in my elbow bend (?) where they took the blood and she would be back soon. I decided to lift it and see what it looked like-a HUGE BLOOD BUBBLE!! The size of golf ball. No joke. Mild panic attack. I showed her, and luckily, she made it seem like no big deal, and it kept me calm. Just a hematoma she said. However, for about 3 weeks, I looked like a severe heroin addict lol FUN

    That was long and gross ha