Congrats Chantell!!!

Chantell graduated from Paul Mitchell hair school! She is the best haircutter/stylist/makeup artist ever! At her graduation she had to do someones hair and show it off to the audience...and she picked me. So she totally just made up an up do on the spot the day of and it looked way cute! She braided a purple ribbon in a braid and put in a cool peacock hair clip in the back! I wish I had some back pictures but I don't. Anyways she did good with her little speech and told everyone I came in with bags under my eyes! (Because I had to get rid of Tawny!...but she didn't mention that so I had to intervene and tell the audience because bags under my eyes...um never happens!)
Me & Chantell! Her hair always looks amazing!

In front of the sign of a lady with crazy hair haha.
And of course Chantell always has the cutest outfits!
Congrats girl! She was planning on moving back home to Arizona and networking with a famous hairstylist but decided to stay in Utah for a bit longer :)

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