Bowl like Golf.

So I just combined 2 bowling group dates together :)

Date #1 with Brandon & Breanne Relf:
We went on a double date with the Relfs ((newlyweds- Brandon & Bre) and I think this was last Thursday)) and went bowling and then watched Anchorman!

So bowling is so hard. I suck. My theory is to bowl and knock down the least pins possible, thus a score resulting in a decent golf score. Oh well! At least everyone else gets to beat someone. But I at least got 2 strikes... Kevin is so good. Kevin is going to think this blog post is so dumb haha.
Pre-game pic when I wasn't a loser yet, jk.
Newlyweds- Bre & Brandon! Bre is a natural!
The group. Memo was for the girls to wear green. Haha.
Good old bowling at the Wilkinson Center!

Date #2 with Ryan & Sarah Vorwaller:
Shortly thereafter, we went on another bowling double date, but with the Vorwallers! The Vorwallers were in our first married ward when we lived at The Branbury! We loved hanging out with them!
Sarah & Ryan Vorwaller- They were in the 174th ward with us and we had to move :'( Miss them!
Kevin slicked his hair back like they did in Italy. He was more embarrassed than I was in public. Haha.

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  1. oh you cute kids! love that wilk center! do they still do 1 free bowling game a semester!?