Baseball in Kansas City

So almost every time we visit Kevin's side of the family we go to a Kansas City Royals game! They are so much fun! I totally learned how to eat seeds at this game. Here's us in our KC gear like 2nd row by 3rd base!
Kevin's shirt actually has a funny story-
this jersey polo style shirt costs $50, but Kevin got it for $5. How? Flirting with the youngest cashier and pointing out defective parts (which was actually 1 deodorant stain). Luckily it was the last shirt in that style so they couldn't check the price. The girl made up a price of $15 and then Kevin busted out his $10 off coupon! Haha me and Kevin's mom, Kathy, were hiding in the swimsuit section because it was so embarrassing! Kevin can get anything he wants lol.

Now we also went to the Kansas City T-Bones game! They are the minor league baseball team. These games are so much fun and we ate so much food! Me & Kevin and Anna's boy toy to the left :)All of the kids came and they were hilarious. CJ, Lily, & Zach! Taking a break from their candy and treats!
CJ & Zach! So cute! Zach wouldn't let CJ get out of his hug haha

These kids are so funny together! Zach is so full of love! Haha. The next time Kevin & I saw him (right after we got married- and he only knew me as the girl who married Kevin), he said "Did you miss me?!?!?! I missed you sooooo much!"


  1. the story about the polo cracks.me.up!

  2. I know, it was so embaressing haha. But pretty impressive.