1 Year Anniversary!

So it has officially been our 1 year anniversary! That year went by real fast. I feel like we just got married...but then I think about fall and winter term at BYU and realized yeah we have been married longer...because school is so HARD! It sucks we are not 'newlyweds'...well we are haha. Many of our friends got married this summer so we're like the old couple! Oh well. Haha. Being married to Kevin is the best! He is the best husband ever. We are so happy together!
This was actually the night before our anniversary...Can't believe I went to the temple a year ago!
We played tennis at the BYU courts and then went to Mimi's Cafe with our free breakfast coupons :) I love Mimi's Cafe! It is so good! And Kevin looks cute here haha.
We actually went shopping and chilled but didn't really take anymore pics...so here we are at dinner! We ate at the Happy Sumo sushi restaurant at Riverwoods...and it is so good! I'm not a fan of sushi but I got the best Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken ever with pot stickers as well. We also got deep fried bananas (tempura) with ice cream on top! YUM
After we ate at the Happy Sumo we walked around and found a super cute boutique. They have a yoga studio inside it as well. It is called Soel. I got the cutest pencil skirt ever. And a brand they carry is called Tulle and it is awesome. And they have some skirts that are actually modest so I may shop directly from them online now :)
Oh and Kevin kind of liked this hat lol...and it matched his Ed Hardy bulldog.
We had to wait a few days to go camping...(we were originally going to camp overnight, go to 7 Peaks during the day, and then go out to dinner but the weather made us change our plans!) Kevin rocks at camping and making fires and whatnot. Good thing he is an Eagle Scout and thanks to Aaron Hale haha. Kevin is setting up the tent...we are a good team!
Good thing I had an American Girl doll when I was younger because the clothes pretty much fits Katinka! Haha. Here is her camping outfit...flannel shirt and blue zip-up hoodie! :)This is our tent! :) Pretty sweet looking! And we totally had an air mattress...prefer that to sleeping on rocks haha.
In case you can't tell this is Katinka's paw... She really loves the outdoors and can run up and down little hills and between huge trees and stuff. She was running around playing and I ended up chasing her around the forest for a long time yelling her name (Kevin says REAL LOUD) because I didn't want her to get lost. Plus she blends into the trees and bark and whatnot. But she got some sap and sharp things stuck in her paw! So this is it :( Poor girl.
This was right after we packed up the tent and everything and headed back down the canyon to go back home. Kevin wanted a picture of himself right here so we *Had* to pull over and get one. Haha just kidding but it is a cool picture :)
If anyone knows of any campsites or places to camp around in Utah that you don't have to pay a fee to get into the park and then a fee to get a campsite and then fee for firewood haha let us know. Camping is so fun! But this camping is not like Kevin's. In Missouri, apparently you just camp anywhere...ha. That's all!


  1. kevin's hair is soooo long!! congrats to making it one year!

  2. FUN! You two are so cute! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary!

    Kev's hair was so long! I don't think he's ever grown it like that:)

    also...I have no idea what he is talking about...of course you pay to camp in a park.
    (and um...we never camped as a fam really) I mean, maybe he just hiked into some crazy woods with the boy scouts, but if you want a campsite with a fire pit and whatnot...that usually costs a few bucks. :) (except for it does stink that you have to pay to get into the park AND a campsite AND firewood...sometimes you can just pay for the campsite here...the park itself is free.)