Tubing the Provo River

The Guys- Sean's friend named Duy?, Jared Miller, Sean McNaughton,
Kevin aka hubby, Jake Wortham, Blake Torgeson
So my friends started getting back in town (from home away from college) and we went tubing down the Provo river! A bunch of the baseball guys came as well. Actually I think Sean McNaughton planned it. Sean is hilarious. He is the only guy I know who tubes down the river with a brand new CD player (that he bought *Just* for tubing!) in a separate tube (with a rope tied to it so Sean can get to it) and a cooler full of pop in another separate tube...!!! Hahahaha this was one of the funniest things ever!
The girls- Alexandra Sullivan, Brittany Watkins,
me, Lynette Williams, Shayla Forsey

Shayla and I showing off our sweet life vests...
Cabela's had a SWEET deal for these life vests... only $9.99!
So Kev and I got one each and next summer will prob buy our own tubes :)The whole group :) And this is a funny story...So here is Jake Wortham in a little kid life vest...and here is Kevin in his own life vest...and little short shorts aka mankini. (If you watched The Bachelorette thats what Ed called them haha)... And Kevin also has a mullet thanks to Thomas Bills! His hair grew out during the summer real long and he wanted a mullet with steps on the side...so that's what happened. I guess when you attend BYU and have an honor code where you can't have long hair its nice to rebel in the summer haha.
Tubing was so fun! I got dominated for sure...by the tree branches, bushes, and rocks...and I flipped out under a bridge haha... so in the end its probably better to float by yourself (and not connected to all your friends) because you will get attacked by branches and it will hurt!


1 Year Anniversary!

So it has officially been our 1 year anniversary! That year went by real fast. I feel like we just got married...but then I think about fall and winter term at BYU and realized yeah we have been married longer...because school is so HARD! It sucks we are not 'newlyweds'...well we are haha. Many of our friends got married this summer so we're like the old couple! Oh well. Haha. Being married to Kevin is the best! He is the best husband ever. We are so happy together!
This was actually the night before our anniversary...Can't believe I went to the temple a year ago!
We played tennis at the BYU courts and then went to Mimi's Cafe with our free breakfast coupons :) I love Mimi's Cafe! It is so good! And Kevin looks cute here haha.
We actually went shopping and chilled but didn't really take anymore pics...so here we are at dinner! We ate at the Happy Sumo sushi restaurant at Riverwoods...and it is so good! I'm not a fan of sushi but I got the best Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken ever with pot stickers as well. We also got deep fried bananas (tempura) with ice cream on top! YUM
After we ate at the Happy Sumo we walked around and found a super cute boutique. They have a yoga studio inside it as well. It is called Soel. I got the cutest pencil skirt ever. And a brand they carry is called Tulle and it is awesome. And they have some skirts that are actually modest so I may shop directly from them online now :)
Oh and Kevin kind of liked this hat lol...and it matched his Ed Hardy bulldog.
We had to wait a few days to go camping...(we were originally going to camp overnight, go to 7 Peaks during the day, and then go out to dinner but the weather made us change our plans!) Kevin rocks at camping and making fires and whatnot. Good thing he is an Eagle Scout and thanks to Aaron Hale haha. Kevin is setting up the tent...we are a good team!
Good thing I had an American Girl doll when I was younger because the clothes pretty much fits Katinka! Haha. Here is her camping outfit...flannel shirt and blue zip-up hoodie! :)This is our tent! :) Pretty sweet looking! And we totally had an air mattress...prefer that to sleeping on rocks haha.
In case you can't tell this is Katinka's paw... She really loves the outdoors and can run up and down little hills and between huge trees and stuff. She was running around playing and I ended up chasing her around the forest for a long time yelling her name (Kevin says REAL LOUD) because I didn't want her to get lost. Plus she blends into the trees and bark and whatnot. But she got some sap and sharp things stuck in her paw! So this is it :( Poor girl.
This was right after we packed up the tent and everything and headed back down the canyon to go back home. Kevin wanted a picture of himself right here so we *Had* to pull over and get one. Haha just kidding but it is a cool picture :)
If anyone knows of any campsites or places to camp around in Utah that you don't have to pay a fee to get into the park and then a fee to get a campsite and then fee for firewood haha let us know. Camping is so fun! But this camping is not like Kevin's. In Missouri, apparently you just camp anywhere...ha. That's all!


George Strait

So Kevin is in love with George Strait. He loves his music and supposedly he has over 50 Top #1 hits on the charts. We got the privilege to see him in concert thanks to his parents, Greg & Kathy Sloan :) It was our Christmas present! Kevin shed a few tears during "Amarillo by Morning." It was amazing. Here are some pictures, which tell more than a thousand words...
Kevin's attire- Cut-off frayed shorts + wife beater= White Trash.
Before we took off to the USANA Amphitheator in SLC. George & Me.
George & Kevin.
At the end of the concert :) Sad it was over...


Kevin's Surprise

So Kevin was in Albany, New York playing baseball on a summer league. He was going to be flying back on a Sunday but flew in Saturday morning, and surprised me! So I just started running on the treadmill when Kevin called me just to say hi and while I was on my phone my dad yelled from upstairs to come up there. He said a UPS man was up there and wanted me to sign for a package so I ran up and it was Kevin! I was so stoked.
On the canoe after Kevin just showed up :)
Me in the canoe and the La Chateou.So we ended up in some weeds (which I tried to row away from) and Kevin said he saw a bottle with paper in it. So he got it out and told me to check it out. So I opened the message in the bottle and he had typed me a cute note haha. It was epic!
Kevin just met Katinka and here is Kita's Kodak moment haha.
Kita & Katinka sharing a bone. BFFs.
Chilling in the the lake. And I couldn't get back on the dock because there was no ladder. Good thing Kevin is strong and lifted me out of the water as I scraped myself lol.

Harry Potter & More

So Emily was not at ASU, yay and we got to hangout a lot with our puppies!
We totally just saw My Sister's Keeper and it was the saddest movie ever. :(
Pretending I'm Prego. I'm not.
Tinka in her puppy purse. Once she pooped in it at Walmart. WOW.Saying goodbyes to Tinka before the Harry Potter premiere at 12:04 with Em!
So of course we were stoked for the new Harry Potter movie and got some treats and drinks and snuck em in. But there were so many weird people!!
 This may have been our last HP premiere just because:
1) you are super tired and
2) there are really annoying weird people who think they are so cool.
Any who, it was good and I want to see it again! So someday I'll make Kevin watch it.

Katinka's Stay in FoCo

I got Katinka in Fort Collins, Colorado and here are some pics of her!
Me & Tinka
Katinka & Kita meeting each other...kiss!
Kita, Mom, & Katinka. 2 puppies!!! Katinka LOVES to sleep on her back. Haha.
Katinka is so teeny. 1.6 lbs right here.
Katinka in the puppy stroller my mom bought at the Wagz Boutique downtown! Surprised dad for sure
Katinka's face is priceless. Katinka & Kita are BFF's. They love to play and have little pretend fights. (Totally normal. Serious.)Tinka loves to 'sit'.....for doggy treats.
This is how Hunter plays with Kita and Katinka. Crazy. Somehow Kita is so chill with it. Katinka looks a little scared!
First bath! She shrunk in half.
If your not a dog person maybe you should not follow my blog haha. I love my puppy and you may see her a lot on here lol.


Congrats Chantell!!!

Chantell graduated from Paul Mitchell hair school! She is the best haircutter/stylist/makeup artist ever! At her graduation she had to do someones hair and show it off to the audience...and she picked me. So she totally just made up an up do on the spot the day of and it looked way cute! She braided a purple ribbon in a braid and put in a cool peacock hair clip in the back! I wish I had some back pictures but I don't. Anyways she did good with her little speech and told everyone I came in with bags under my eyes! (Because I had to get rid of Tawny!...but she didn't mention that so I had to intervene and tell the audience because bags under my eyes...um never happens!)
Me & Chantell! Her hair always looks amazing!

In front of the sign of a lady with crazy hair haha.
And of course Chantell always has the cutest outfits!
Congrats girl! She was planning on moving back home to Arizona and networking with a famous hairstylist but decided to stay in Utah for a bit longer :)

Story of Tawny

Tawny is what I named my first short-haired chihuahua. I found her on ksl.com in the classifieds. That is where a lot of people find breeders and whatnot. Tawny is the puppy I had for a few days before I got Katinka. I was watching my brothers, Hunter & Zach, while my parents and Kelsi were being youth conference leaders for the camp in Utah. I watched them for about a week. We drove up to Kearns, Utah on Monday and met the breeder and saw all of the puppies! I was so shocked at how small the chihuahuas were. They were 6 weeks exactly and born on Mothers Day. I liked Tawny because her coloring was a little different and she had a black nose/face and black paws and the tip of her tail was black. She was super cute.

I got her the next day. We meet up half way, actually in the Ikea parking lot, because I am in Provo and she is in Kearns. My brothers and I were soooo excited! We went to Petsmart the night before to get her some puppy supplies. The breeder told me that Tawny (or Wolf-ie as they called her because of her coloring) might have a heart murmur but that she would probably grow out of it. She said the doctor wasn't really sure but she might have a little one.
Zach & Tawny right when I got her!

Hunter & Tawny. He is a total dog lova!

Me & Tawny. I was SOOOO happy!

I went home and googled it and said that some puppies have severe ones but most are not bad and they grow out of them. Then my mom came back from youth conference (up north in Utah) and we decided to take her to the Banfield Pet Hospital.

This was close to the worst day of my life! The nurse got some of her puppy shots ready and the doctor came in and listened to her heart. I thought he was going to say it wasn't a big deal but then he said she has a severe one. He said she could die any day and you have to be ready for that and accept it. I would not be able to live everyday wondering once I got home from running errands or going to a class that Tawny could be dead. The problem is her heart. Her heart has extra holes in it and the blood flows around and makes extra noises when the doctor listens to her heart beat. If she had one out of numerous severe puppy murmurs she could get surgery for $5000 after finding out if she has a certain one for $1000. She might not even make it through the surgery.

She weighed less than 2 pounds. Apparently her mom had a few litters that year and she probably was over bred. She was the tiniest puppy I've ever seen. My dad called the breeder and told her about Tawny and she burst into tears. My dad took her back to the breeder because she could die any day and I just needed a healthy puppy. Plus Tawny's mom, brother, uncle, and other dogs lived at the breeders house so she would have more dogs to play with. The breeder loves Tawny and is going to take care of her the best that she can! Hunter is so cute. He always prays for Tawny that her heart will get better.

Baseball in Kansas City

So almost every time we visit Kevin's side of the family we go to a Kansas City Royals game! They are so much fun! I totally learned how to eat seeds at this game. Here's us in our KC gear like 2nd row by 3rd base!
Kevin's shirt actually has a funny story-
this jersey polo style shirt costs $50, but Kevin got it for $5. How? Flirting with the youngest cashier and pointing out defective parts (which was actually 1 deodorant stain). Luckily it was the last shirt in that style so they couldn't check the price. The girl made up a price of $15 and then Kevin busted out his $10 off coupon! Haha me and Kevin's mom, Kathy, were hiding in the swimsuit section because it was so embarrassing! Kevin can get anything he wants lol.

Now we also went to the Kansas City T-Bones game! They are the minor league baseball team. These games are so much fun and we ate so much food! Me & Kevin and Anna's boy toy to the left :)All of the kids came and they were hilarious. CJ, Lily, & Zach! Taking a break from their candy and treats!
CJ & Zach! So cute! Zach wouldn't let CJ get out of his hug haha

These kids are so funny together! Zach is so full of love! Haha. The next time Kevin & I saw him (right after we got married- and he only knew me as the girl who married Kevin), he said "Did you miss me?!?!?! I missed you sooooo much!"