My Wedding Story

1. When did you get married? We got married for time and all eternity on August 8, 2008.  In case you're wondering that was 08.08.08! That is a very lucky number for the Chinese culture and the day that the Chinese Olympics started!
2. Was this your first marriage? Yes of course!
3. How long were you and your significant other together before getting married? We met September 17, 2007 and started hanging out immediately.  We made it official boyfriend/girlfriend probably around October/November. We were engaged July 3, 2008 and married a few months after! :)
4. How did you meet your significant other?
Full story here. 
Rough version here:
We met in line at Tomassito's Italian fast food place in the BYU Wilkinson Cougareat! It was really busy that day in the lunch room and I didn't know where the end of the line was so I asked him, "Is this the end of the line?" He said, "No, but you can cut with us." So I cut in front of him and Aaron Powell (one of his best friends).  Kevin (or Aaron, don't remember ha we both have diff versions) asked me to sit with them so I did. I guess I immediately offended Andrew Dougherty (another friend/by making fun of California) and we all just ate our crappy Italian food. It is so not authentic and that was the last time Kevin ever ate there! Kevin said he wanted to take clogging private lessons from me so I said I would do that. We started walking to our classes and then he asked for my number. Then I realized that I didn't even know his name. So he told me his and I told him mine ha. Then we hung out 2 days later!
5. How did your engagement happen? Who asked who and how? Kevin asked me to marry him July 3, 2008. Story will be coming soon.
Right after we got engaged, we went back to my apartment at King Henry! No heads up or anything so I am wearing sweats as usual- thanks to those BYU Ballet classes!
6. Did he ask the parents permission? Yah I think so haha. Pretty sure he did.
7. Was the ring a surprise? Who picked it out? Not a very big surprise. Well sort of. He said I wouldn't have my ring until after my engagement pictures were done (I was freaking out because of course you need your ring!) Then he surprised me. We looked at tons of rings and he got a feel for what style, shape of rock, extc.
Here is the ring! I love it. It's a size 4. My finger is tiny haha.
8. Where was your wedding ceremony and/or reception? Denver Colorado Temple. Reception in Windsor, Colorado at Pelican Lakes Island. Open house in Kansas City, Missouri!
Denver Colorado Temple.
9. What were your wedding colors? Light blue, chocolate brown, and champagne color for accents.
10. What was the weather like on your big day? Sunny for pictures then very rainy during our reception! But I guess that is lucky! Also there was a gorgeous rainbow later!
11. Where did you go for pictures? Around the Denver Temple, around where our reception was, under a rainbow, really pretty places! Photography by Desiree! And Kevin's sister Tara Painter took some pretty ones!
12. Did either of you get drunk? No
13. What was your wedding song? Oh crap. Some Country song that Kevin thinks about me when he listens to it....he will kill me haha I forget the name.
14. What was your wedding favor/gift? Light blue and brown M&Ms with K&A initials on them in cute tins with a sticker and ribbon on them.
15. Did you smash the cake? Of course we fed each other... I didn't want to get messy so it was neat and tidy! 
16. Wedding night? Some place in Loveland, Colorado. Forgot the hotel name...
17.Favorite part of your wedding day? Being married to Kevin for time and all eternity.
18. Least favorite part? My hair staying cute during the rain!
19. Would you do it all again? Only with Kevin!
20. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Montego Bay, Jamaica! At the Sandals resort! :)
This was at our open house in Missouri- Photography by Tara Painter!

PS. I have so many more pics to put up on this post!