Katinka Ingabogivinanana

Kevin and I got our baby...puppy!

Katinka is her name and if you have seen Zoolander you may understand...or you should understand. Think of the European Mugatu's sidekick lady with short dark hair and bright red lipstick. That is her name. We both love that movie and wanted to give her a unique name (as we can't name a future kid something weird!)

She was born on April 6th. Currently she weighs 2 pounds. She is a long-haired Chihuahua and Kevin says she looks like a miniature German Shepherd and less of a Chihuahua. She is super cute and sweet and loves to cuddle. She is good at the 'sit' command and 'lay' and gets confused sometimes with the 'up' command. We are working on walking her on a leash (she is very scared of the sidewalk...and only likes grass!) and also working on 'come' and 'stay'.

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