25 Random Things About Me (Ash)

I did this on Facebook a few months ago...before we got Katinka...thought I would put it here (to look like I'm a real blogger and have lots of posts).

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1) I want a dog, really bad. We had one (Cocoa, a chihuahua) when I was younger (after I begged for like 3 years) but she got given away to an employee because Hunter was in my mom's stomach and little dogs and little babies supposedly don't get along. I miss her. I don't even know if she is alive, but I want to move and get a dog as soon as I can!!!
Here is Cocoa.
2) I love Kevin. We are married. Happily Ever After. He is everything I thought I didn't like when I was younger (ex: country music, hick, cowboy) but a total sports fan which is good.
Kevin is a HONKY TONK! The Sundance Film Festival of 2008.
3) I hate the mornings. Every morning I hate waking up and push the alarm clock a few times and then rush to get ready for school! I hate waking up!!! Sometimes I even tell Kevin that I hate the mornings right after I wake up. Haha.
4) I hate homework. Every once in awhile it is okay if it is for a fun class, but doing accounting, finance, information systems, economics, statistics, calculus, business writing, is not fun. I just want to market products!!! Thank you BYU Marriott School.
5) I miss snowboarding. Haven't gone for 1 year and a half. Broke my foot and now I dance and workout too much. Plus Kevin is not allowed to snowboard/ski because he cannot be injured for baseball. I really want to go again!!! After his baseball is done we're bringing it on.
6) I miss tennis. Same deal, plus when you do well in regionals and go to state but not win anything big, that is nothing here in Utah. Everyone is a State Champion at something or a Valedictorian. Plus BYU's Women's tennis team is AMAZING. (And Cass is awesome. Tennis boys for life.)
7) I LOVE Germany. Deutschland is me. Ich liebe Deutsch! I want to go back into the Schwarzwald and visit Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau again! And the Zugspitze! Ja! Toll!
8) I am going to take German at BYU. I need to brush up on my German speaking skills.
9) I am going to take Italian at BYU as well. Got to converse with the husband. He went there on his mission and speaks AMAZINGLY. His minor, yep he's good.
One of my favorite mission pics of Kevin! Mamma Mia!
10) I like to dance. FOLK dance. So pretty much we do every type of dance, we're that good. For example... the normal ones... Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Clogging, Irish step dance (hard shoe and soft shoe)...then the diff ones like dances from the Philippines, Chinese dance (Mongolian, Han, Maiu(sp?)), Hungarian, Mexican, Israeli, Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish (Heyyy yaaa yya ammo), Indian (Bhangra), Polish, Irish, Scottish, American, Bollywood, Argentine, and more... (Ps. Thanks Cel for making me tryout!)
Christmas Around the World 2008. Jan, Karen, me, Amanda, and Abbey! LOVE them!
Christmas Around the World 2008. Alicia, me, Cheri! Makeup time!
11) I LOVE shopping... Clothes are awesome. Here is Shayla's butt wearing some cute jeans. Self explanatory. Shayla is bomb.
12) I am obsessed with eBay. I have a a lot up for sale. Some people's souls, it's great. (Not really obsessed anymore once I realized that shipping costs are kind of a lot for heavy items haha!)
13) Do you want to model or be an actor? SERIOUSLY, if you have any interest or want to know more, I can TOTALLY hook you up with a little meeting session. I have hookups. I work for them. Go to urbantalent.com or Wilhelmina Urban Modeling Agency.
14) http://www.zhats.com/ is the bomb. Check it. My dad is a genius and his company rocks. Zephyr Graph-x is unparalleled and blow their competitors to the dust.
15) I LOVE LOVE LOVE to organize!!! I like things in order and am kind of a freak. I'm working on it.
16) I would die without my planner. It has all of my schedules in it and I NEED IT!!! I want to get a Franklin Covey planner soon. So mom-ish. Weird.
17) I LOVE LOST!!! Lost is so great, I want to buy all of the seasons. If anyone has the first episode of this season on tape LET ME KNOW! I missed it because I was at dance and am dying to see it. Lost is crazy and I am so confused! But go Jack and Kate!
18) I LOVE LOVE LOVE OFFICE!!! I love Michael Scott. That's what she said. Office is incredible and if there were a Dunder Mifflin in Provo, Utah I would definitely apply. It is the funniest show ever. And I love how Michael offends everyone. It's great.
19) I suck at cooking. Bad quality for a wife, but I'm working on it. I know of 2 chicks who have taken a cooking class at BYU for legit amount of credits- easy, fun, very applicable to life. I am def going to take it before I graduate. I need some SKILLS!!!
20) I love candy and COOKIE DOUGH and Cookie Dough ICE CREAM. Caramel. Rolo's, Milky Ways, extc. all girls eat raw cookie dough, just not Kevin. Ice cream and cookie dough is so good, actually I am going to eat some right now.
21) I don't keep a journal- so this is my journal for today, I will make one sometime! Or a blog (YAY this is a blog!).
22) I wish more friends would get married- its sweet. Time for married parties!!!! And Yay for Amanda Castleberry!!!
BYU Folk Dance Parade 2008. Amanda & I have matching hoodies!
23) I am scared of spiders. I am never going to kill one. I never do. Maybe one time I did. I used to always yell for my dad or mom to come and they always killed them for me :) Now, when I am a mom (later) I will trap a bug in a cup (by putting it on top of it and scaring the bug/spider) and let Kevin kill it when he comes home from work!!!
24) I wish I could care less about school. Nope, I'm a freak. I do my homework. I hate it. Working on it.
25) Last one- LOVE LIFE!!! Love my friends, husband, family, school, dance, church, work, extc!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!! Just need a cute little puppy and not take as many school classes and play more :)
These girls rock. Need to see them more!
Left to right: Cel, Camille, Alexandra, me, and Shayla!
Hubby & I before church time!



Katinka Ingabogivinanana

Kevin and I got our baby...puppy!

Katinka is her name and if you have seen Zoolander you may understand...or you should understand. Think of the European Mugatu's sidekick lady with short dark hair and bright red lipstick. That is her name. We both love that movie and wanted to give her a unique name (as we can't name a future kid something weird!)

She was born on April 6th. Currently she weighs 2 pounds. She is a long-haired Chihuahua and Kevin says she looks like a miniature German Shepherd and less of a Chihuahua. She is super cute and sweet and loves to cuddle. She is good at the 'sit' command and 'lay' and gets confused sometimes with the 'up' command. We are working on walking her on a leash (she is very scared of the sidewalk...and only likes grass!) and also working on 'come' and 'stay'.


My Wedding Story

1. When did you get married? We got married for time and all eternity on August 8, 2008.  In case you're wondering that was 08.08.08! That is a very lucky number for the Chinese culture and the day that the Chinese Olympics started!
2. Was this your first marriage? Yes of course!
3. How long were you and your significant other together before getting married? We met September 17, 2007 and started hanging out immediately.  We made it official boyfriend/girlfriend probably around October/November. We were engaged July 3, 2008 and married a few months after! :)
4. How did you meet your significant other?
Full story here. 
Rough version here:
We met in line at Tomassito's Italian fast food place in the BYU Wilkinson Cougareat! It was really busy that day in the lunch room and I didn't know where the end of the line was so I asked him, "Is this the end of the line?" He said, "No, but you can cut with us." So I cut in front of him and Aaron Powell (one of his best friends).  Kevin (or Aaron, don't remember ha we both have diff versions) asked me to sit with them so I did. I guess I immediately offended Andrew Dougherty (another friend/by making fun of California) and we all just ate our crappy Italian food. It is so not authentic and that was the last time Kevin ever ate there! Kevin said he wanted to take clogging private lessons from me so I said I would do that. We started walking to our classes and then he asked for my number. Then I realized that I didn't even know his name. So he told me his and I told him mine ha. Then we hung out 2 days later!
5. How did your engagement happen? Who asked who and how? Kevin asked me to marry him July 3, 2008. Story will be coming soon.
Right after we got engaged, we went back to my apartment at King Henry! No heads up or anything so I am wearing sweats as usual- thanks to those BYU Ballet classes!
6. Did he ask the parents permission? Yah I think so haha. Pretty sure he did.
7. Was the ring a surprise? Who picked it out? Not a very big surprise. Well sort of. He said I wouldn't have my ring until after my engagement pictures were done (I was freaking out because of course you need your ring!) Then he surprised me. We looked at tons of rings and he got a feel for what style, shape of rock, extc.
Here is the ring! I love it. It's a size 4. My finger is tiny haha.
8. Where was your wedding ceremony and/or reception? Denver Colorado Temple. Reception in Windsor, Colorado at Pelican Lakes Island. Open house in Kansas City, Missouri!
Denver Colorado Temple.
9. What were your wedding colors? Light blue, chocolate brown, and champagne color for accents.
10. What was the weather like on your big day? Sunny for pictures then very rainy during our reception! But I guess that is lucky! Also there was a gorgeous rainbow later!
11. Where did you go for pictures? Around the Denver Temple, around where our reception was, under a rainbow, really pretty places! Photography by Desiree! And Kevin's sister Tara Painter took some pretty ones!
12. Did either of you get drunk? No
13. What was your wedding song? Oh crap. Some Country song that Kevin thinks about me when he listens to it....he will kill me haha I forget the name.
14. What was your wedding favor/gift? Light blue and brown M&Ms with K&A initials on them in cute tins with a sticker and ribbon on them.
15. Did you smash the cake? Of course we fed each other... I didn't want to get messy so it was neat and tidy! 
16. Wedding night? Some place in Loveland, Colorado. Forgot the hotel name...
17.Favorite part of your wedding day? Being married to Kevin for time and all eternity.
18. Least favorite part? My hair staying cute during the rain!
19. Would you do it all again? Only with Kevin!
20. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Montego Bay, Jamaica! At the Sandals resort! :)
This was at our open house in Missouri- Photography by Tara Painter!

PS. I have so many more pics to put up on this post!