Labor Day Weekend: Ryder’s 1st time Camping


{ August 31st – September 1st, 2014 }

Initially we thought about all going camping over Labor Day Weekend but we kind of thought about it too late where most of the good camp sites would have already been booked. My dad and Kevin had the idea to camp in my parents’ backyard – which is basically legit camping – for a trial run… to see how Ryder would do camping, since he hadn’t been before. Also, if it ended up being horrible, we could - worst case scenario - put him to sleep in my parents’ house in their pack ‘n’ play. SO, we decided to do it!

Sunday, August 31st, we had church (Fast & Testimony Meeting & I shared my testimony haha I share it like once a year…) & then a Relief Society Presidency Meeting.

Afterwards, we quickly threw our stuff in the Jeep and drove over to my parents. ( My mom was out of town in Utah helping Zach & Kelsi move in to their apartments at BYU. ) We set up our area & used my dad’s tent. It is a much bigger one than the one we have. We also ended up using my families’ cots instead of our sleeping bags & inflatable pad things. SO, Kevin & I both set up a cot and we laid down a ton of blankets on the ground for Ryder so he would be in between us. I didn’t want him falling off a cot in the middle of the night or anything. He isn’t in a big boy bed yet, still a crib ;) He will be in there until he is 13, haha. ;)

Then my dad & I went inside their house and prepped for tin foil dinners. We put in hamburger meat, squash, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, onion, and of course, butter & some seasoning. I made the dessert bananas which were stuffed full of marshmallows, coconut, and chocolate chips.

Meanwhile, we drove around the Ranger (Polaris ATV), hung out, enjoyed the views (because they have some great ones at their lake!), & then ate dinner. Tin foil dinners are always a good choice!! We make them almost every time we go camping. Then we hung out some more and decided to try to put Ryder down to bed in the tent since it was his bed time haha. It didn’t go well. He just stood up and yelled at the tent opening we had just zipped up. So, he was too excited and hyper and not in the mood to go to sleep, so we let him out and ate our banana desserts with him. What I wanted to do was, when he went to sleep, to play card games and hangout but we realized that is not what you do when you camp with a kid… They probably aren’t going to want to sleep in a brand new place, outside, but in a tent, easily ha. SO, Kevin decided to try to go to bed with Ryder while I went inside real quick. Ryder and him were snuggling in his cot and he was having a hard time putting him down to sleep. I came in and tried to get him to go to sleep. I think Ryder would have fallen asleep with me in my cot but I wasn’t comfortable with how he got situated. Plus, I knew if we both fell asleep like that…I just wouldn’t get a good nights rest. So Kevin and I tried for awhile to get him to sleep on the blankets, in a warm sleeping bag, with his blankets, Billy the goat, and binky but he wasn’t having it! So we got the place ready and Kevin slept on the blankets with Ryder. Finally after an hour or so, they both fell asleep.

It was actually a pretty cool night out so I was a little cold. I was so paranoid to try to grab a jacket or a blanket because if I woke up Ryder, then I don’t even know what we would do haha.

Monday, September 1st, in the morning, we woke up and luckily, it was starting to warm up. I went inside to find my dad and Hunter so we could all make breakfast. They were originally going to camp with us but they were both on antibiotics & getting over sicknesses so it would be smarter for them to sleep inside in the warmth.

They came out and Kevin and my dad made breakfast. Kevin used our camping griddle. They made a yummy egg breakfast (I cannot get over how good it was!) of eggs, potatoes, onion, ham, salt and pepper, butter, & more. They also made bacon on the campfire and pancakes as well. It was delicious! If you see Ryder eating something yellow and long, he totally was trying to eat a stick of butter for breakfast. It was too funny so I let him while I took some photos. He just was using a plastic knife and getting little chunks of butter out and eating it hahahah. So disgusting but great.

Since it was actually Labor Day, Kevin didn’t go into work. [ So crazy to me that 2 years ago, I had Ryder ON LABOR DAY. I was in Labor for all of it hahaha. ] So we hung out at my parents backyard for awhile. Then we came back home and did some party prep for Ryder’s 2nd Birthday and Kevin lead FHE later that night.

* Note: I am glad that we did try camping with Ryder and I was surprised it was a little harder for him to get to sleep. I guess it makes sense though because we have NEVER co-sleeped and basically, he slept kind of with us that night. He also didn’t have his white noise going and he wasn’t in a pack ‘n’ play. I think if we had either or both of those things, it would have gone better. But we wanted to try it out, how we might really camp, so we did. Kevin was going a little crazy trying to get Ryder to go to sleep but I was just like “Whatever, it is his first time.” Ha. I do love to camp and I want to get more of the camping equipment we need (like somehow I don’t have a sleeping bag and of course, Ryder doesn’t own one either) and hopefully next year will go better :) Also, my back can sleep on a pad, or air mattress, or a cot ;) Last summer before starting my Remicade treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis, there was no way I could camp because my back was SO messed up! Thankfully, the medicine is helping so I can live life a little better!

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was superb!



Saturday at the Stockcar Races (+ a new Bike)


{ August 30th, 2014 }

But first! Before the stock-car races…Ryder’s new bike pictured above – from Grammy & Papa – arrived during Ryder’s nap time! It was an early Birthday present. Kevin put it together and when Ryder woke up, we brought him down the stairs and he was so excited! ( Earlier in the day, we went to Lee’s Cyclery and got Ryder a helmet. Once he spotted the balance bikes there at the store, he was riding them all over so we knew he would be pumped for his own! ) So yeah, Ryder rode his bike around in street and was in heaven. He likes to take off the helmet which isn’t cool so we will work on that :)

THEN…off we went to the Stock-car Races with my dad & Hunter! They were at the Colorado National Speedway in Erie. It had looked like it was going to rain all day so we were worried but decided to just head out there and give it a try! We tried to go the year prior but it rained out. We brought Ryder some hunting headphones to wear since the racecars are so loud. At first, he was a little unsure but then he was in heaven! We also brought a little car for him to hold while he was there. He kept saying “Look!!! Wow!!!! Hunter look!!!” He basically was attached to Hunter for a majority of the night. He loved watching the cars drive around. He was just mesmerized! We saw a few crashes which were crazy and luckily no one got hurt. Then my dad and I went and got some dinner for us all at the food place – long lines of course and overpriced food ;) We had nachos, chicken fingers, popcorn, hot dogs, haha all the good stuff. I just ate chicken and popcorn :) My dad took a little break to go and buy Hunter & Ryder the racing flags (you can see the one Ryder is holding). Ryder was waving it around like a madman when the cars drove by! It was the CUTEST thing ever. Then it started raining and I was so glad I had thrown in my umbrella last minute into the diaper bag. They had cars driving around trying to dry off the tracks so they could finish the set of races for the night. We just waited it out in the rain for awhile under the umbrella. They did the firework show early since the tracks were getting dried. Ryder was NOT a fan and hid in my arms the whole time. Then afterwards he clapped haha. So confusing. Then we watched another race or two and left since it was getting late (9 or 10 pm)…and past Ryder’s bed time! Ryder fell asleep in the car with his blankey and “bin-t.” It was such a great night!

The following morning, Ryder wouldn’t stop talking about the racecars and how they went fast. He also wanted to wear the hunting earphones all day and wave the flag around haha.

Basically, we need to go back and do this again because we had such a blast! Got a few more races before they close for the year!


Wrapping up August


{ August 25 – 29th, 2014 }

Let me wrap up what is left in August before our awesome Labor Day Weekend…and shortly thereafter, Ryder’s SECOND Birthday!!! And let me say, I cannot believe it is already getting COLD but it is! So we were trying to spend as much time outside as we can before summer is gone!

+ Gym: Body Define Yoga at Mindy’s class with Kelsi & Abby. Also, Advanced Step with Kelsi.

+ Bachelor in Paradise. Only Josh came over since Emily & their baby girl, Skyler was out of town. He came early and joined us for dinner. Sarah came as well!

+ Stopped by my parents house to say goodbye to Kelsi & Zach. They left August 26th to head out to Provo.

+ Kevin was out late for work with an account so Bekah Wilkey came over and we had dinner together. Ryder & Carmen were loving each other haha. Carmen loves to kiss him and they were hugging. It was hilarious & adorable (photos above).

+ Pretty Little Liars with Abby… however when we went to watch it, the recording was interrupted so we didn’t get to watch the Finale! We hung out instead… I stayed up late and watched the Finale. It was a GOOD ONE!!!

+ Blood draw for me, bloodwork as usual ;)

+ Abby & I tried Barre for the first time at Miramont! I had tried it once at a different gym – Raintree… It is a part of our membership now. So pumped!

+ Jaclyn, Wade, & baby Owen Jeppesen came over and we made yummy smoothies & played Pass the Pigs ;) GOOD GAME!!! Ryder enjoyed tossing the pigs when it was his turn haha. So great. (Photo above).

+ Gwen Valles & I decided to meet up at Super Target post workout. The downside was we never found each other until after we were done shopping haha. Ryder kept asking about her daughter Valencia and vice versa. We need to plan better! We tried contacting each other but the service in our Super Target is SO bad.

+ Also, Kevin & I decided to throw Ryder a Birthday party so I went crazy at Party City and Super Target trying to get everything together – not last minute! Evites went out Friday night, the 29th! A week before the party basically. AH. Throwing parties stresses me OUT!

+ BYU Football vs. UCONN Party! Kevin, Ry, me, my dad, Hunter, & Nick from work all watched the game. BYU won… We had pizza and my dad’s homemade guamocole. Kevin made his Velveeta Rotel cheesy dip he likes to make. We had a good time!


Next Up: Labor Day Weekend! & Ryder’s 2nd Birthday!!!



{ Weekending } Denver Day Trip + Kelsi’s Belated Birthday


{ August 23 – 24th, 2014 }

On Saturday the 23rd, we went to the Denver Temple. Kelsi met us there. Kelsi & I went in while Kevin watched Ryder and then we watched Ryder while Kevin went in. We ate a picnic lunch there on the temple grounds and had ourselves a dandy time. We brought a ball – of course – for Ryder & he kicked it around and threw it in the water fountain ha. It kept him busy of course! He also got upset we didn’t let him go into the water fountain. Sorry bud! It looks like a pool/splash pad but definitely isn’t. Randomly, when I was taking pictures of the Denver Temple, I see my friend Lauren Moore walk out with her husband. That is the girl in the picture above with me who is not my sister (at the temple). Cool to run into her! Then we drove to Ikea to grab the last part to finish our kitchen haha. We accidentally returned a part we needed when we thought we were about done with the remodel, like a year ago. So glad we got the piece back! And we also ran into the Moore’s at Ikea haha. We had planned the same day – temple & Ikea! So funny. We also got Kelsi her birthday present of some cool art work (one of which is a map of Rio) to hang in our BYU apartment. We also got Ryder a super cheap potty for on-the-go when he gets older and we keep it in the car for road trips, etc… Sometimes he likes to sit on it haha (photo above). By the way, we are NOT potty-training him now… Just got the potty since Ikea’s are SUPER cheap! And if he wants to sit on it, then great! Then after we got home, we went to Water’s Way Park for a little bit. We played baseball and Kevin told me if he threw a ball up REALLY HIGH and I caught it, I could get $50 to Anthropologie when they open in Fort Collins. Of course, I tried. And sadly, I failed. LOL. I was SO annoyed! He threw it really high though and it was hard to gauge it ha. Someday, I’ll bring up this offer and make him offer it again and catch that ball!

Then on Sunday, the 24th, we went to church. Kevin took that photo of us…I think that is the first in church photo we have haha. It is NOT a usual thing guys! I know, not okay. Lol. Afterwards, I had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting and then we went over to my parents to celebrate Kelsi’s birthday with cake & presents. We watched a little bit of Rio 2, since she just got it, and RYDER LOVES RIO…he was so confused watching a new Rio. I don’t think he liked it ha. It was so unfamiliar to him. Also, we spent time on the dock which is always amazingly gorgeous (photo above). And Ryder held onto the basketball hoop to work on his strength training…he always likes to do this ha. Such a boy! All in all, it was a fun night!!

So yeah, we had a great weekend!

Next Up: last of August & Labor Day Weekend fun!


Week before Kelsi & Zach headed off to BYU!


{ August 18 – 22nd, 2014 }

This week was another fun-filled week which we made sure to spend good time with Kelsi & Zach, since they were about to leave for BYU!

Some of what went down:

+ Impulse decision to go to Super Target with Abby. Ryder was yelling “OLI!!!” throughout the whole store haha. He calls her twin boys, both, Oli!

+ FHE: Spring Canyon Park. 5 buck pizza. Kelsi came with us. Ryder and Kelsi both decided to run through the splash pad haha (photo above). It was cute. We love that park!

+ Bachelor in Paradise, of course.

+ Advanced Step class with Kelsi. Good times!

+ Celebrating Kelsi’s Belated Birthday (it was actually on July 19th but she was in Brazil so we didn’t celebrate with her) at Okele Maluna, which is a Hawaiian restaurant in downtown Windsor. It was DELICIOUS! Ryder also wore his brand new Brazil outfit from Kelsi. ADORABLE! If you haven’t tried that restaurant, go there! Best Hawaiian food! Kevin, dad, mom, Kelsi, Zach, Hunter, & Ry were all there.

+ After the Okele Maluna celebration, I drove to Abby’s house to watch Pretty Little Liars. We thought it was the season finale but it wasn’t hahaha. So glad it wasn’t, because the episode was definitely not finale material!

+ Splash pad at Fossil Creek Park. Had some snacks. Hung out with Kelsi, Gwen (Gabrielle & Valencia), & Abby (Finn & Oli)! Trying to squeeze in more splash pad time before the fall, which is coming fast!!!

+ Girl’s Night: Snuck one in at CafĂ© Rio followed by some down time at Bekah Wilkey’s house. Who came… Abby DeGraff, Jaclyn Jeppesen, Kate Hansen, Bekah Wilkey, Lauren Moore, Emily Peterson, Ashley Bean, Lara Osmond…think that’s it! Like our awesome photo haha?! We had a blast! Thanks Kevin for watching Ry so I could go!

+ Brunch with our cousin, Brittany Lenski & daughter Adeline. We had brunch at the new International Pancake House which was amazing. Kelsi, Zach, & mom came with. Ryder & Adeline hung out together. They have some entrees that have been featured on big time cooking shows…so that helped me decide what to get. Got their famous German pancake (photo above)! Very good. They also had very cute Hape toys for kids to play with while they ate. They were a lifesaver! I actually want to get a Hape toy sometime. Super cute!

+ Double dinner date at our place with the Valles. Had cheeseburgers! Ryder helped shuck the corn (photo above ;)). Can’t go wrong! Valencia & Ryder had fun playing outside in the rain in Ryder’s little house :)

+ Got some awesome deals at a big time Crazy 8 sale. I don’t normally shop there but they had some cute things and got for all under $10!

+ While Kevin went on a Youth Temple Trip, we went to dinner with my mom, Kelsi, & Mindy at Wahoo’s. It was good! Then Ryder was tired so we called it a night.

Can’t believe we were just all hanging out – Kelsi & Zach – and now they have moved away! Ryder sure is sad!

Next Up: Our fun weekend in Denver!