That weekend when I chopped off 10 inches of my hair…



{ July 11 – 13, 2014 }

So this weekend actually had a lot of fun stuff packed in and a whole lot of productive-ness! Besides the gym, unpacking, cleaning, catching up on Pretty Little Liars ;) … both Kevin & Ryder got hair cuts this weekend on Friday night. They were getting them done at the same time, it was so cute. Ryder wasn’t sure of the place since it wasn’t Cool Cuts…and Cool Cuts has a cool car that he sits in and drives while watching Cars or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ha. We fed him raisins during his haircut and it turned out great actually and was about half the price (photos above). We feel like his haircut makes him look like a big boy! We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and we liked it! We did some random odd job things on Saturday…getting windshield wipers, buying ink, really fun stuff like that hahaha…

Pantene Beautiful Lengths: Then I got my hair cut! For a couple of years I’d been wanting to cut off a bunch of hair and donate it to either Locks of Love or one of those types of charities to be made into a wig for cancer patients. So, I always have had long hair, really, and at this point, it was WAY TOO LONG and I knew it. I wanted it to be below my shoulders so I was trying to find charities that took hair donations that weren’t as long as 10 inches haha. 10 inches is what Locks of Love requires. SO I found Pantene Beautiful Lengths and they require 8 inches for the minimum donation. Everyone was like, “Oh yeah, you have really long hair. It’ll be still really long even after they cut that much.” But I knew in my mind it would be shorter than they were saying. So, I was like, “Well, why not?” If I didn’t donate my hair, I’d still get a few inches off but not 8 or 10 inches. BUT why not go a little shorter than I probably would want and just donate it? Once I decided to, it was easy to do it. I was nervous but I knew that the feeling of having my hair a little too short for my liking would be nothing compared to what my hair would mean to a cancer patient! It was a no brainer! So I called in & they happened to have an opening at Europa so I went in and did it! My favorite girl, Amy Beth, is on maternity leave for now so I went in and saw whoever. Apparently, they cut off ponytails to donate all the time so it wasn’t anything new to them, which was reassuring to me. I sure didn’t want it done incorrectly, and that would be horrible, especially to not cut off ‘just enough’ or whatever and waste it! So the funny thing was, the girl didn’t measure my hair…she just eye-balled it. So, when I got my ponytail it was more like 10 inches haha, not 8…but at that point, I didn’t care. Whoever gets the wig, will hopefully feel pretty in it :) So I feel really weird with short hair ha. I feel like I am either in the 8th grade or an older lady…so. But my hair is growing on me, literally, and like, well, I think I am starting to like it, for a change. My hair grows so fast so I am not concerned. It’ll be long in no time! If you ever are cutting long hair and have any to spare, I would highly recommend donating your hair! I mailed mine in the next Monday and off it went! Super easy and I felt great! :)

Then after my hair was chopped off, we had yummy BLT’s, went on a walk to Water’s Way Park, Ryder walked Katinka (photo above), and he jumped in our kiddie pool for an evening swim (photos above). Sunday was filled with church stuff… and I signed up last minute to feed the missionaries dinner that night so we winged it and Kevin actually made the most amazing breaded pork…it was SO GOOD! After we ate with them, we hung out in the backyard while cookies were baking, and then Ryder jumped in the pool again hahaha (more photos of course)... and in his normal diaper so it got so huge and full of water… then we frosted sugar cookies & called it a night!

Really though, it was a great weekend!



Our 2014 Wyoming Trip


So our Wyoming trip went from July 3rd – July 10th, 2014. Our traveling & 4th of July shenanigans post is HERE. The rest of everything is…here ;)
For the rest of the trip…here we go…

Saturday, July 5th: In the morning, after a yummy waffle breakfast thanks to my Grandpa, my dad & Zach drove to Yellowstone. Zach is a HUGE photographer & loves taking photos in nature. Check out his Instagram >>> @clyw_zach. They would first head to Yellowstone National Park and check it out & then go to Glacier National Forest which is up North almost to Canada. Someday I will go to those places! They sound amazing! Apparently, I’ve been to Yellowstone when I was younger but I don’t remember it. So it was my grandparents, Kevin, Ryder, & I left. We drove to Powell & ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Then we picked up some groceries for dinner that night and for Sunday. After Ryder took a nap, we took a drive on their Razor (Ranger type thing) with Ryder (photos above). He LOVED it! We drove around Burlington, checked out the new school and football field/track & field, played at a nearby park, and found some ponies to look at. Kevin helped Ryder play basketball and we hung out outside for the rest of the day. In the evening, we watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou and I decided it was one weird movie. I probably won’t ever watch it again ha.

Sunday, July 6th: We had breakfast and then Kevin drove back home. He had to get Katinka from the kennel (a different one because our usual favorite one was booked) and because he needed to be at work the following day. Ryder & I stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. We went to church exactly during Ryder’s nap time, 1-4 pm…ha I was worried about it. He ate some S’Mores goldfish & fed some to my Grandma during sacrament lol. He took in his blanket & binky since I had to wake him up from his nap. He was pretty mellow in church and did much better than I thought. After church, we had a yummy pot roast. We just hung out and played outside. Ryder loved a little tractor type thing to ride around on. He also pushed a vintage doll carriage that my Grandma got for my aunts when they were little. They have a huge shed since they used to have a motorhome and boat parked in it but now there are a few vintage cars, a ping pong table, trampoline, their truck, huge John Deere lawn mower, a bunch of 4 wheelers, and more. In the back they have a very cute “log cabin” kid play house, slide, and a bunch of toys for little kids. Ryder liked playing back there. Actually, we went in their every day!

Monday, July 7th: We went into Cody and ate at Wendy’s. My grandparents go out to eat every day for lunch…either to Cody or Powell since there aren’t really any restaurants in Burlington, except 1 pizza shop. Then we went back home and Ryder took a nap. While he napped, we played Rummikub. We always play that game when we visit them. Good times! For dinner, we had CafĂ© Rio sweet pork since that is what I threw in the crock pot in the morning. It was good. At night, we watched Swiss Family Robinson. It was actually my first time watching it and it was pretty good ha. How have I not seen that???

Tuesday, July 8th: In the morning, we went to the Cody Murals which is actually a church history site. It is a church building with a dome shaped ceiling full of beautifully painted murals of different scenes in church history. We went on a tour and learned about the early pioneers and how and why they settled in the West as well as the Burlington/Cody area where my grandparents currently live. My Grandpa grew up in Burlington and there is a lot of family and church history there. My Great-Grandpa (Grandpa’s dad) was actually one of the first tour guides for the Cody Murals after it was finished being painted. It was really cool to learn about and especially ‘Prayer Rock’ (photo of my Grandparents & I & Ryder inside the building).  Then after we left the Cody Murals, we went and found a teepee for Ryder to explore (photos above). Teepees are so sweet in my opinion. We then ate lunch at the Sunset House & I got a yummy chicken salad sandwich. It was very yummy. Then we picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for later that night & a few groceries as well. We hung out outside like we always do. Ryder played with a big bouncy ball which he was obsessed with the whole trip. He got his shirt drenched in water so I took it off to dry. We hung out in the front yard with him, just in his suspenders, and he kept waving at a tractor that kept going up and down the street. He would always say, “Look! Tractor!!!” & “Goodbye tractor!” He was obsessed with that tractor. It was adorable, especially since he didn’t have a shirt on. Then we had some yummy pizza for dinner. Meanwhile, I was in the process of reading a book called The Details of How We Lived by Bailey Vincent. She gifted me the eBook on Amazon since I have a chronic disease and since it may relate to me (she has cystic fibrosis and is deaf). I just needed to leave a review and it was free! So I read that and did the review that night. It is a pretty good short little novella! That is kind of how our night ended.

Wednesday, July 9th: We drove up to Cody to have lunch at McDonald’s. Ryder was naughty ha. We then drove by the Buffalo Bill Dam which was breathtaking (photo above). If it wasn’t Ryder’s nap time, we would have gone on a tour. During nap time, we played Rummikub. Later that evening, my dad and Zach came back from Yellowstone & Glacier and we had yummy cheeseburgers. We watched What About Bob which was hilarious. I have no clue how I hadn’t seen that movie before.

Thursday, June 10th: We drove back home with my dad & Zach. We took pit stops in Thermopolis & Fort Collins for lunch and dinner. Then I convinced Kevin to watch The Bachelorette with me ha.

All in all, it was a great trip. It was fun that my dad and Zach were there for a bit and that Kevin could come for a little bit as well. It’s always a good time visiting my Grandparents! They are the sweetest!!!


A Wyoming 4th of July


{ July 3rd & 4th, 2014 }

So before we get into our 4th of July… we road tripped it to see my Grandparents (dad’s parents) in Burlington, Wyoming on Thursday, July 3rd. Burlington is in Northern Wyoming, half an hour away from Cody, and a couple hours away from Yellowstone National Forest. The town’s population is currently 288 people ha. So it’s a small town. While I was doing some last minute packing, I put on “Birdies” for Ryder which basically equates to Rio. I came downstairs and saw that he had put his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse chair on top of our ottoman (photo above). This photo kills me. Actually, coming down the stairs seeing him like that, kills me. It is so funny. As if he couldn’t get a better seat in the house! The drive was fine… 7-ish hours. I read some of The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve already seen the movie so it didn’t have any surprises in it. But yeah, we made it! Oh, and when we made it, we ate some yummy cheeseburgers when we got in at my Grandparents house.

Now, for the 4th of July!

We woke up, got ready, and played a little family baseball outside. Ryder loves to pitch and always is giving us a bat and wanting to throw the ball at us. We had a good time! On a side note, I had gotten a pedicure that was very patriotic with flags on my big toes so that is why I took a picture of the flag and my feet. If you look closely, you will see the flags! So bomb. We all drove to Cody, Wyoming to hit up Walmart for some groceries for our next meals and to get some treats/snacks for Ryder. Ryder chose the shopping cart where 2 kids can sit in the attachment behind the normal shopping cart. He wanted me to sit next to him… SO I did haha. The Walmart was crazy busy because everyone was getting stuff for their big 4th of July festivities and it was kind of embarrassing being on the shopping cart ride. Only at Walmart would it be OK to sit in their carts though ha. I also felt it was okay since we were under the weight limit ha. We definitely have a shopping cart selfie up above! Anyways, we got what we needed and made our way to the firework store! It was SO packed, of course, and there was no air conditioning in the big warehouse so we were all baking in there. Kevin found a firework called ‘Nite Ryder’ & you better believe we took that baby home and launched it later that night (photo above). We got fireworks & called it good. Then on our way to Subway – one of my grandparents favorite places to eat for lunch – we stopped by a stand on the side of the road that sells cowboy hats! My dad got us all matching cowboy hats haha (photo of us all together in them above). Then we got lunch at Subway. Then we drove back to Burlington and Ryder took a nap. Kevin made a vanilla poke flag cake while Ryder was napping (photo above). I think I read a little. My dad, Zach, Kevin, & Grandma & Grandpa all watched The Man from Snowy River. My grandparents love old country western movies so last time we visited them, we told them we would bring up Kevin’s favorite country movie! They liked it! Then we ate dinner (steak, mashed potatoes, watermelon, & forget what else) and had fireworks. I thought it would be fine for Ryder to stay up past his bed time a little to watch them but the minute they started he told me he wanted to “Go.” He wanted to go inside haha. It was so sad. He was all cozied up to me with blankets and we were all set to go and then he was scared. He covered his ears and his eyes (photo above). I don’t even think he saw the ‘Nite Ryder’ firework! So I went in and put him down for sleep & we finished our firework show. It was a great one! Kevin was the firework man and successfully lit them off with no injuries! Then we all ate some amazing flag cake! Overall, it was a very fun, busy, 4th of July! I can’t wait for when Ryder will love fireworks!

Next Up: More Wyoming fun!